I'd say within the past 2-7 years, there's been a spate of Muslim influencers all over social media trying to appeal to young people. I ignored most of them as I am not their target audience and I don't use IG or snapchat, but I do use youtube and noticed in my "recommendations" vids by the likes of Dino Tokio etc turning up as well as other hijabi "influencers". In the background, I'd hear rumblings of people questioning whether they are a good influence or are pushing feminism etc- but their true colours became exposed when I heard more recently that there has been a spate of influencers uncovering themselves and in some cases even leaving Islam and trash talking about it, which has led to worried and frightened parents worrying as to what effect this will have on their teenage impressionable children. I didn't watch those vids so what I'm saying is based on what I've heard from others about it and that leads on to what is happening now.

Recently within the past 18 months or so, there's been a spate of "New Muslim convert" videos appearing on my newsfeed. At first I said Alhamdullilah, that's wonderful that this really nice person has been asking questions about life and reading Quran and has now embraced Islam... and I know it's nor appropriate to be suspicious of a fellow Muslim (especially considering the struggles that new Muslims go through)- but considering what happened beforehand, I'm wondering if this is just a genuine wonderful thing of some nice people spontaneously entering Islam or whether it's a new wave of Muslim influencers softening up young Muslims to gain likes only to later use that platform to spread misguidance? So far I've seen a few vids from Daud Kim, Jay Palfrey and Mr Whatwaa and am not sure whether to be cautiously optimistic or brace myself for another wave of problems.

Were these youtube recommendations a mere spontaneous thing done by their AI algorithm to direct me towards nice new convert vids, or is this a planned set up to direct lots of Muslims towards tenacious people that they'd consider and decent role models for the youth who'll let them down at a later date just like the influencers who came before?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this. I hope for the sake of those new Muslims (and those who are influenced by them) that I am wrong about this.