I think what happened from the president of Tunisia recently from trying to change the ahkams sharia,
which are proven and conclusive , represent a new milestone in attack on Islam.
The hate and animosity of west led by the U.S which has been always present , reached unprecedented new level, by declaring this animosity in the open. Sometimes ago Tony Blair, the former prime minister of Britain, declared shamelessly that Islam itself is the problem, and that is very true from the western perspective , but I think no one expected a western politician to be so open in his hate. President Trump has declared that he is putting America first, there is no doubt that every American president since George Washington till Donald Trump had put America first, but again no one has been open in declaring it, also trump now has substituted the word terrorists by Islamic terrorists.
Now the president of Tunisia, has reached an epitome of arrogance by demanding changes in ahkams sharia, he is kafir but what is disheartening is the reaction of the muslims to his demands. No response from the so called Muslims scholars to his demands, and only sheik al azhar demanded from the so called rulers of the muslims lands to avoid making statement irritating the masses, as if avoiding irritating the masses is more important than pleasing Allah swt