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Thread: Elitist rulers in the West benefit from destroying their own people

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    Default Elitist rulers in the West benefit from destroying their own people


    We talk a lot about how the kufaar governments bring death and destruction to the Muslim world through invasions, drone bombings and economic colonisation through usury based debt. I want this thread to also shed some light on how those governments hold their own people in such low regard.

    It occurred to me recently that Western governments (for now I'll cite the example of the Eton Tories here though this is applicable to others) have more to gain from the death and destruction of their own people than if they brought stability and better infrastructure.

    Simple examples would be things like the reduction of housing benefit, the deliberate lack of social housing stock, the bedroom tax and rising rents all contributing to rapidly increasing rates of homelessness. On top of that in recent years, we're seeing cuts to disability benefits which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people as well as the closing down of A&E departments and the gradual backdoor privatisation of the NHS.

    What has any of this got to do with Muslims you may ask? Well here's the thing: most MPs aren't working for their constituents, they're working in the interests of corporations, so that in a few years time, they can get lucrative jobs with big bonuses whether that means they work for the banks responsible for the financial crisis (or worse, those legal loan shark companies that charge over 1000% interest that keep advertising on TV), companies with a stake in trying to privatise and buy a chunk of the NHS and so on (just think, why aren't the government making Amazon or Starbucks pay taxes and why wont they punish Phillip Green for stealing the pension money from BHS?). In real terms for the general public, this has resulted in all sorts of hardships ranging from struggling on poverty level low incomes, lack of healthcare, lack of social care, very few educational or employment opportunities for their children and the extreme lack of social mobility.

    Well the government aren't exactly going to put their hands up and say "Erm yeah, it's our fault your hospital closed and you don't have healthcare. It's our fault we got rid of grants and introduced fees to make higher education less accessible to average and below average income families. We're gonna get fat pay cheques from health insurance companies so we have more to gain from destroying the NHS than from properly maintaining it". Instead, with the help of the media; they will spread headlines about the "Nigerian woman has triplets" and blame her for the strain on the NHS, the "swarm of immigrants from Calais are placing a strain on local services and taking over local housing", so you can see there a direct correlation between the government deliberately not providing adequate social housing and then using "foreigners", especially Muslim and non white foreigners as the scapegoats held responsible for these crises.

    On top of that and perhaps most importantly of all, when higher education and local employment opportunities become very scarce, where is the one place that the youth in the UK can still find a job in spite of their poverty causing them so many disadvantages? Of course, the ARMY! This isn't just a Tory problem (as the Labour government were just as responsible for eroding access to education grants amongst other things) or even just a UK problem, as Michael Moore also pointed out similar problems in his home town of Flint, Michigan and particularly highlighted how the military run their recruitment drives over there (that was before the government allowed their water to be poisoned). As we all know, Muslims are also the scapegoat in the context of being blamed for terrorism and both the governments and the media love to jump on that bandwagon as yet again, it deflects all attention away from their own failings, has the potential of GAINING public support (ie by the government making false promises of "greater security") whilst still being able to loot and destroy the poorest and most vulnerable in society and get away with it and maintain public support for it.

    It's kinda genius when you think about it. Evil genius. Everything Orwell warned the world about when it came to Communism but it's now coming to pass under Capitalism.

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    There is no difference between communism and capitalism, when it comes to the final goal, both serve the interest of the top few,(the power to be)
    The difference only in the means of achieving these goals. I think world wide the situation is getting worse, and the confrontation between
    Islam and Capitalism is inevitable

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