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Thread: Reliance on Allah Almighty - Tawakkul

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    Default Reliance on Allah Almighty - Tawakkul

    Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

    Tawakkul in Allah is unconditional and should not be understood as an end product. In other words it must be constant (before, during and after). The earlier generations (Muslims) understood this however, when the decline started to creep into ummah the true meaning was lost.

    People often say do the action and then rely on Allah which implies that action is the condition for having Tawakkul. For example someone may think in order to pass his examination he must study hard and then do Tawakkul or someone who is searching for a Job may think he must look for work and make applications etc and while he is waiting for the outcome he is doing Tawakkul.

    The hadith which is often referred to explaining tawakkul actually points to something else and not how to have tawakkul in Allah. (O Messenger of Allah, should I tie it and make tawakkul, or let it go free and make tawakkul?' He (saw) "Tie it and make tawakkul.)

    The hadith is teaching us to take care of our responsibilities and not abandon them thinking we're making tawakkul in Allah.

    There are many ayat in the Quran where Allah (swt) orders us to have tawakkul in Him and they are definitive in meaning so denial of tawakkul would amount to disbelief.

    Tawakkul in non-conditional and must be constant.

    And Allah knows best.

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    Jazakallah Khayr for that bro.

    We can see many Muslims today who put so much effort when it comes to matters of the duniya, but when it comes to working for the resumption of the Islamic way of life.... they say we have tawakkul in Allah (swt) and victory is from him. When it comes to working for the akhirah, their responsibilities seem to disappear and rely on the unseen for help, but when it comes to achieving something in the duniya, they are too busy putting the 'real effort' in.

    If only they really understood what was better for them.
    "By Allah, I shall destroy the Romans and the friends of Satan with Khalid bin Al Walid."
    Caliph Abu Bakr. (633 A.D)

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    Barak Allahu Feek brother

    There's another problem which is a result of poor understanding amongst the Muslims today is that because they've linked Tawakkul in Allah as an end product (after having done the action) this leads to having no Tawakkul at all because many Muslims don't do the action which is required of them and this makes them forget about the concept of Tawakkul completely.

    As mentioned earlier Tawakkul in Allah is on order given by Him and it is not conditional.

    Its worth pointing out that having reliance on Allah and going about fulfilling the obligations will achieve great things that Human alone cannot do so. When the Muslims understand the concept of Tawakkul in a sound manner they'll regain their rightful status as an Ummah because their trust will be in Allah Almighty who will grant them aid because of their submission to the Islamic Sharia.

    May Allah grant us all a sound understanding and help us to perfect our actions.

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