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Thread: Arab Mannerism vs Western Characteristics

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbdulBasit View Post
    I wonder if the culture of selfishness plays a big part in the Western World how we conduct ourselves.

    Do you get the impression that people are always out to get you and score one over you even in the name of Islam and dawa?

    Do you think there's any truth in this and is it just the way of the West?

    Yes indeed, I've seen plenty of that though the Muslims who behaved like that towards me did not do so due to Western culture- in fact it was more likely due to certain influences from their (eastern) culture of origin, even though they grew up in the UK.
    I'm Neelu

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    In the West,you have the other extreme."Dont judge" mentality is rampant.

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    Notice how acceptable it is (in the West) to insult, humiliate and make fun of people on TV/Satellite channels all in the name of "Saturday night TV" just for a laugh. The fruits of "Freedom" has no bounds.

    If people were to follow the truth (guidance of Allah) then they would realise the seriousness of this and may behave bit more civilised.

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    Salam brother
    You will be very mistaken if you think, there is real freedom in the west. What they call freedom is nothing but anarchy. You are free
    to commit whatever sins you want, so long you don't come close to attacking the capitalist system. Capitalism is merciless and if you
    come close to seriously attacking it,you will be eliminated instantly. There are 7 presidents of the U.S. who have been assassinated,
    and countless of senior officials who died in helicopter crushes. You can talk as you like so long you don't come seriously close to
    the system.

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