Forum Rules

In order for this forum to serve as a productive platform for intellectual discourse and exchange of ideas, all members of this Discussion Forum agree to abide by this code of conduct on the forum upon creating an account:

1. All users are entitled to post their opinion on any topic of any thread

2. All postings must be in English. Non-English text serves no purpose and will be subject to deletion.

3. All postings are to be made in an intellectual manner addressing the topic under discussion.

4. Members must not engage in personal insults or abuse in any form

5. The Administrators reserve the right to delete inappropriate threads at their discretion

6. All posts must be relevant and directly addressing the topic of discussion of the thread in order to be productive. The forum Administrators reserve the right to remove unrelated posts or move to another/new thread at their discretion.

7. The Administrators reserve the right to close threads which have:

i. Served their objective in relation to the original topic of the thread

ii. The differing viewpoints on the subject of the original topic have been fairly posted permitting any researcher to draw their own conclusions from the varying opinions.

iii. Where it is deemed the productivity of the thread in relation to the original topic has ceased to exist due to repetition and/or diversion away from the original topic.

8. These rules are not subject to discussion and Admin's decision is final.