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Thread: Iman (increase & decrease)

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    Jazakallah Mahzouz.
    Take what we gave you with strength.
    QM 2:63

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    Quote Originally Posted by NamedYouMuslims View Post
    alaykum asalam

    If a word has several different meanings. We have to take all of them unless the Prophet himself restricted the word.

    There is no proof that iman here 2:143 means prayer. The prophet never said that. And there is no other proof beyond him.

    But when Allah says iman increases, that is what he means. He created languages and He could have used another word.

    The problem is there is no proof that fear of Allah increases or decreases. And by fear of Allah i mean taqwa.

    So if we assumed taqwa = iman, we need evidence from Allah to prove it.

    There is no proof that taqwa increases and decreases as Allah speaks about iman.

    First we need to establish that taqwa can increase or decrease or both. Once that is proven, we have to prove that taqwa and iman are interlinked and that they can be used interchangeably.
    After reading this response it made me realise how someone can prolong a discussion by turning and twisting it to portray only what they want even if it doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

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