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Thread: The Jihadi Method

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    As-Salam ?Aleikum

    The Jihadi Method

    The title of this article is a misnomer as there is no ?method? with regards to establishing a state via Jihad, as I hope to prove through this article. Jihad has its own idea and method behind it, the idea behind Jihad is ??to fight to make Allah?s word highest?? [1]. The practical method to achieve this is through the preparatory phase, i.e. preparing forces to fight, having at least the strength of half the enemies and also to first call the enemy to Islam (giving the option of paying the Jizya or conversion) before engaging the enemy [2]. Jihad exists to remove the obstacles against the Islamic Call.

    The ?Jihadi method? to establish an Islamic state has gained currency as an alternative to the method outlined by other Islamic groups ? namely Hizb ut-Tahrir. The basic contention being that Hizb ut-Tahrir claims that the method for establishing the state are detailed from the constant struggles the Prophet (sal allahu ?aleihi wa salem) went through to establish the state. The Jihadi method claims that this route is redundant since not all of the revelation was completed and thus Jihad is a more suitable avenue to establish the state. This argument, that since the revelation had not been complete and thus Jihad should today be used to establish Allah?s authority is a myopic reading of the Quranic Ayahs since, if this was the case Muhammed (sal allahu ?aleihi wa salem) did not impart this wisdom to us ? he did not say that the rules of Jihad can be used to establish Allah?s authority on this earth, in fact it is a slander upon him and his companions implying we know more the they did. The argument in favour for using the rules of Jihad to bring about a change follows a warped reasoning since one could easily assert that the rules of Hajj were not completed till after the establishment of the state and hence one could use this as a means to establish the state or the rules of Salat or the issues surrounding morals etc, it is a pragmatic solution using a different method to apply upon a different idea. The reason Jihad is used as opposed to the other rules is because, Jihad adds to the state in the conventional sense ? advocates of the Jihadi method have used their own minds to legislate that in the absence of a state armed struggle will establish it.

    We should not be surprised by this as the milieu where these ideas were generated were predominantly from those of Ikhwan Al-Muslimeen. The Islamizing process advocated by the Muslim Brotherhood of course has different manifestation in different areas, in places of conflict the Jihadi ideas predominate in areas of little or no conflict the brotherhood has tried to gain a foothold in politics via the parliamentary route (cf. Egypt). This would indicate to us the diffuse and incoherent manner by which this call is carried out because the rule of Allah is one it does not multiply ? there is a single route to establish the deen of Allah upon the Earth, whether this is through Jihad or other means the Muslim Brotherhood is not clear and as a result the diffuse and errant understanding of how to establish the state has evolved.

    In contemporary times Muslims have fallen victim to mixing and matching between the idea and method i.e. the connection between Fikra (the rule) and Tareeqah (the manner by which to implement the rule) has been lost.

    In the earliest part of Islamic history when the Muslims were a revived nation, we see that the wars fought were wars of conquest, only in the rarest of examples was it fought in a defensive sense. In today?s reality ?Defensive Jihad? is the only understanding of Jihad people carry and everyone seems to have forgotten that Jihad expanded the state and that in nature it is Offensive.

    There is no one group that can lay claim to being the Jihadi group par exellance, the term Jihadi is applied from people and organisations external to Jihadi groups ? also the Jihadi method is not something that was clearly deduced and settled upon before the opinion was adopted, in fact we see an evolving reasoning which has included participation in democratic elections (such as the FIS in Algeria and Hamas in Palestine) and also staging of military coups (Egyptian Islamic Jihad in Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria) and finally the new and present incarnation of killing everyone opposed to the Jihadi groups such as Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Takfir Wal-Hijra and others.

    Here is a list of the various Jihadi groups, many of whom have less then Islamic credentials:


    Abu Hafs Al-Masri brigades is group that may or may not exist as it has made far reaching claims that do not stand up to scrutiny, such as the bombings in Istanbul which the Turkish/Kurdish group Hizbullah did, although it claimed it did. This group maybe simply in the imagination of a few individuals with an over active imagination as well as an over active fax machine.

    Al-Qaeda the group came into existence via the Maktab Al-Khidmat headed by bin Laden with the assistance of the Saudi?s who donated some $600 million to the cause of removing the Soviets from Afghanistan. The Pakistani intelligence services also played their part in assisting the Afghan Jihad against the Soviets in the background of the American Operation Cyclone. America assistance included preparation of explosive manuals and materiel such as the stinger missiles that proved deadly to the soviets and played a large part in driving them out. Zawahiri?s EIJ was merged in the aftermath of the soviet withdrawal to form Al-Qaeda. It is an umbrella organisation with central decision making and de-centralised execution, having said this, the group is not averse to claim credit for operations that have no palpable links to it. The killing of Muslims allied to nominally Muslim governments is permissible. Its goals of establishing an Islamic State have been added to its literature after the invasion of Afghanistan by the Americans and the commencement of the war on terror.


    1920 Revolution brigade is a Sunni militia group that has sporadically surfaced in the Sunni areas of Iraq and is concerned with fighting the occupation and not forwarding a sectarian agenda. This group is committed to fighting the occupation and does not fight the Sunni groups working for either the Iraqi government or the US. It uses guerrilla activities rather then car-bombings etc to achieve its goals.

    Ansar Al-Islam is a Kurdish/Iraqi Sunni group. Ansar Al-Islam formed as a result of a merger between two groups, Jund Al-Islam and Islamic Movement of Kurdistan, the resultant movement is ostensibly led by Mullah Krekar ? an asylum seeking Kurd in Sweden. Before the invasion of Iraq Ansar Al-Islam had concentrated it?s fighting in an internecine conflict with fellow Kurds in the PUK and other groups. There is a supposed link to Al-Qaeda proper by way of funding from Bin Laden as revealed by Hasan Turabi who advised Usama from directing overt operations against Saddam whilst he stayed in Sudan and to instead form a covert group to oppose Saddam [3]. The group helped the Iranians fortify villages in Iranian Kurdistan with Iranian military support this disproves any links with Al-Qaeda other then the financial also there is the testimony of Krekar who says that his group had no links with Al-Qaeda and Turabi has never been the most trustworthy of sources. The infiltration of Ansar Al-Islam by Iraqi intelligence is believable especially when one considers the fact that the foreign Jihadists who entered Iraq after it?s invasion were sent to Ansar Al-Islam training camps by officers of the former regime [4]. Since the destruction of the training camps by the USAF the former cadres left to join other resistance groups (via a circuitous route of Iran) most prominently Ansar Al-Sunnah

    Hamas of Iraq is a breakaway group from the 1920s revolution Brigades The latter group accuses the former group of helping the US military in it?s crackdown of Al-Qaeda forces in Diyala province. It has allied itself with nationalistic and Ba?athist groups and does not consider negotiations with the Americans beyond the pale ??except with an agreement of the factions of the jihad and the Iraqi resistance; and under the appropriate circumstances and conditions.? [5].

    Islamic Army in Iraq is a group that largely consists of ex-Ba?athist of the former regime. It has mixed nationalism with Islam and now shares trends with the Muslim Brotherhood. It has Shias and Kurds amongst its ranks although it is primarily composed of Iraqi Sunnis who are fighting the occupation with a view towards expelling the foreign troops in Iraq [6]. The group has released statements with the Islamic Resistance Movement and Islamic Front for the Iraqi Resistance who are known to have Ikhwani roots and advised the Iraqi people to vote in the 2005 constitutional referendum by opposing it ? a stark contrast to Al-Qaeda who opined any voting is a compromise of basic Islamic beliefs.

    Islamic Movement of Kurdistan started out as a union for Kurdish Islamic scholars. After the clashes between patriotic and Islamic forces in late 2001 Ansar Al-Islam dominated the scene between the PUK, KDP and other groups. The Iranians brokered a truce between the warring factions when the Ansar occupied villages on the Iranians side of the border. The IMK is known to have funding from Iran and holds 2 ministerial posts in the Kurdish assembly relying on pragmatism.

    Islamic State of Iraq is composed of various Sunni Islamic groups that claim to rule over certain portions of west Iraq. The group is led by Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi and ??supports the Sunni Iraqi people?? as its primary concern. Rival Sunni militia have begun a fight back since Al-Baghdadi arrogated himself to Amir Al-Mumineen and Al-Jabouri (the minister of public relations) was killed near Taji. Many believe that the ISI is nothing but a front for Al-Qaeda in Iraq, just as it?s predecessor (the Mujahideen Shura Council) was and is simply trying to put an Iraqi face to Al-Qaeda?s endeavours.

    Jamaa? Ansar Al-Sunnah is a group based in northern and central Iraq. It is composed of Sunni Kurds and Arabs who fought alongside Zarqawis At-Tawhid Wal Jihad (which later became Al-Qaeda in Iraq) which made them indistinguishable from each other for the Iraqi government and the US occupiers. Cracks soon emerged in the alliance especially because of Al-Qaeda?s targeting of the Shia that resultant in violents clashes and in July 2007 the group along with 7 other groups formed a new coalition expressly leaving out the Ba?athists and Al-Qaeda. Although it uses beheadings and suicide bombings it is most active in using IEDs.

    Jaish Mohammed was a Iraqi insurgent group composed mainly of ex-Ba?athists in an Islamic guise. Since the death of Saddam and the capture of the group?s leader, Abu Ahmed, it has disappeared and has been generally eclipsed by the Sunni insurgency.


    Al-Quds Brigades is the armed wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The leadership of the group are in Damascus and have support from the Ba?athist leadership in Syria, which allows them to operate unmolested [7].

    Hamas was founded in 87 by Sheik Yassin. The group from its charter wants an Islamic State for Palestine. It was set up as a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood albeit in a Palestine-Resistance-Centric view. The group won elections in 2006 much to the chagrin of the international community and vowed to give up attacks against Israel. Iran has notably funded the group since the international aid was cut off from the Palestinians. The Izz d-Din Qassim brigades are the military wing of the group. Since 2006 the leadership of Hamas has suffered from assassination by the Israelis and schizophrenia from its statements, for example Khaled Mashal in February speaking in Cairo stated that Hamas will not change and Jihad will be carried out until all of Palestine is liberated (including the area presently made up of the Israeli state) yet a few days later he stated in the Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta that Hamas wants a return to the pre-67 borders and wants the right of return question realised as well as the end to the occupation of west bank land in return for peace. Historically Saudi has funded the group.

    Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine is a Palestinian resistance group whose armed wing is the Al-Quds brigade. It was supposed to be apart of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad under Shaqiqi and Awda, although the group has received funding from Hezbollah. It is based in Damascus and receives support and funding from both Syria and Iran.

    Izz Ad-Din Al-Qassam Brigades is the military wing of Hamas. It was created to provide a coherent military wing for Hamas who at the time were concerned with blocking the Oslo accords. The culmination of the brigades many labours was the Al-Aqsa Intafadha since which time the group has been targeted by the IDF that resulted in the groups leaders remaining largely hidden. It?s leader Mohammed Dief has been targeted at least 5 times by the Israelis and has survived and is at large somewhere in Gaza.


    Asbat Al-Ansar is a Sunni group based primarily in southern Lebanon. It came to prominence during recent times as it is located in the ?ain al-hilwa refugee camp which saw sporadic clashes with the Lebanese army. It is composed of ethnic Palestinians and is supposedly linked to Al-Qaeda although a Syrian backing is more probable as Hezbollah is committed to the Lebanese political programme, the hand of Syria does not extend far enough into Lebanon to destabilise it, except through this group [8].

    Fatah Al-Islam is a Sunni group that began it?s time with Fatah organisation of Arafat and was associated with the Fatah Al-Intafadha who broke away from Fatah of Arafat in ?83. In November 2006 Fatah Al-Islam set up its headquarters in the nahr al-bareed refugee camp in Lebanon and began fighting against its secular allies Fateh Al-Intafadha and seized three compounds. A Syrian connection though likely is abandoned by most experts for a Lebanese connection, since a lot of funds were funnelled by the Saudi?s (via Prince Bandar) and the Siniora government to Fatah Al-Islam with a view of stoking up tensions with the Shia Hezbollah in the south [10]. Any large scale conflict that depletes both Fatah Al-Islam and Hezbollah will allow for a take over by the Lebanese military. Like the other groups in the refugee camps the only reason they seem to have an upper hand is because of the 1969 accord that forbids the entry of the Lebanese army into the refugee camps, naturally those who have the guns are the de facto rulers.

    Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine was Shia group that existed during the late 80s. Many believe it is simply Hezbollah with a different nom de guerre.


    Al-Badr was formed by the Pakistani intelligence services by urging it to break away from Hizbul-Mujahideen in Kashmir region. It worked with Hekmatyar?s Hizb-e-Islami in Afghanistan during the soviet occupation. Although it?s currently leader has stated he supports Bin Laden and the Taliban he doesn?t recognise Pakistan as a Kufr regime and believes the Kashmir should be part of Pakistan.

    Harakat-ul-Mujahideen was a breakaway faction of the Harakat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami and was active during the soviet occupation of Afghanistan and later entered into Kashmiri politics by merging with its progenitors the Harakat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami to form Harakat-ul-Ansar. It has had its main leaders arrested by the Indians and as a result has staged bombing and kidnappings inside India (with tacit support of the Pakistanis) to free their leaders. Its aims are to provide an awareness of Jihad.

    Hizbul Mujahideen is a group operating in Kashmir. There is a great deal of evidence to say that the group has support from the Pakistani ISI and since it is the largest group operating in Kashmir the reasoning is not without merit. It wants to remove the Indian ?occupation? from Kashmir before a final status ? whether that be a union with Pakistan or an independent state.

    Jaish-e-Mohammed is a Kashmiri separatist group that is fighting to liberate Kashmir from India. Although it is involved in the Kashmiri cause it has carried out many operations inside of India. The group has not stopped at Kashmir but wants to liberate much of northern India. It was implicated in the killing of Daniel Pearle and the blasts in Parliament attack in Delhi and Ayodhya Sankat Mochan Temple.

    Lashkar-e-Omar is an offshoot of the Lashkar-Jhangvi and other groups and its mission is to attack to Americans in Pakistan.

    Lashkar-e-Toiba is a group active in the Kashmir conflict. Although it has stated that it?s aims go beyond Kashmir and it wants to establish an Islamic State in all of South Asia, Russia and even China. It has links to the Taliban and other groups in the region. The group is said to have links to the Pakistani ISI although this is disputed since the assumption of office of Musharrouf [11]. An aspiring internationalist organisation it was involved in the Afghan conflict during the Soviet occupation as well as afterwards, siding with the Taliban against the northern alliance, also it was involved in the Balkan conflict providing assistance to the Bosnians. There has been some linkage to the July 7th bombing in London via a visit to Pakistan by some of the bombers.

    Lashkar-e-Jhangvi is a militant group based in Pakistan and is a offshoot of Sipah-e-Sahaba and is involved in an internecine fight against the Shia community in Pakistan. It has links to the Taliban whom it fought alongside against the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. It gained prominence in the killing of Iranian diplomat Sadiq Ganji and Iranian Air Force cadets during the early 90s which was the peak of Sunni-Shia conflict in Pakistan and which marked a low-point in Iran-Pakistan relations.

    Sipah-e-Sahaba is a Sunni group that targets the Shia community in Pakistan. Although it is committed to restoring an Islamic State it also has involved itself in the Punjab coalition government. Zia Al-Haq was involved in the formation of the group to resist the pro-democratic forces in feudal Punjab. The group claims Shia organisations are the product of Iran and thus Iranian people are not outside of the remit of this group in terms of assassinations. It has links with Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and Harakat-ul-Mujahideen.

    United Jihad Council was setup by the Pakistani ISI to unify the Jihadi movements to further its operations against India in Kashmir. The groups were controlled by the Pakistani government during the Kargil offensive and fought alongside army regulars in 99. The subsequent withdrawal of the Pakistani forces that allowed the Indian Air Force to bomb most of the Jihadi targets was a contributory factor to the military coup of Masharouf.


    Groupe Salafiste pour la Pr?dication et le Combat this group is currently ostensibly changed it?s name to Al-Qaeda Organisation in the Islamic Maghreb although the previous name is still in usage. GIA regional commander Hassan Hattab formed the group after the massacre of civilians by the GIA as a protest, the group has continued it?s insurgency against the Algerian government after many groups had laid down their arms. Hattab was deposed by Nabil Sahrawi because of the insistence of Sahrawi to pledge allegiance to Al-Qaeda which Hattab opposed, Hattab announced that his group was prepared to take part in the reconciliation initiative of the Algerian government whilst Sahrawi announced the union between GSPC and Al-Qaeda proper ? although there is doubt over the real linkage, many believe it is simply a matter of taking up a name without any real links to the organisation [11]. The group?s funding has been through racketeering, smuggling and money laundering across the porous borders of the Saharan African countries.

    Front Islamique du Salut (a.k.a. the Islamic Salvation Front, FIS) is a group based in Algeria and grew to prominence in the late 80s during the leadership of Madani and Belhadj. As a frontal organisation consensus was few and far between and the only thing keeping the front together was the opposition to the government of Algeria and the proposed gaining of power via elections. Madani supported parliamentary democracy whilst Belhadj was suspicious of it, representing a Salafist trend in thought. After the army intervened in the 92 election the group effectively split ? the guerrilla elements went to the hills physically opposing the army whilst what was left of the FIS agreed in principle with the armed groups but stopped short of actively support it instead hoping for a more democratic route to power. By 94 the FIS had become moribund and was superseded by the MIA which denounced the GIA who were opposing the entire Algerian society claiming they had all apostatised en masse. In 97 there was a unilateral ceasefire and Madani and Belhadj were released 6 years later in 2006 still supporting multi-party democracy, human rights and protection of the private sector heavily criticising Algeria?s planned economy.

    Groupe Islamique Arm? (a.k.a. The Armed Islamic Group, GIA) formed after a break with the MIA under Chebouti. Unlike the MIA the GIA were not selective in their recruitment and as a result were heavily infiltrated by the security services and led to the massacres of the Civil War [12]. In August 94 the group declared a Khalifah in Algeria under Cherif Gousmi as Amir Al-Mumineen, with Haddam as foreign minister (although he was in America at the time) and Mekhloufi as interior minister. Mekhloufi left subsequently declaring that the GIA had deviated from Islam and Haddam left declaring that the Khalifah was an invention of the security forces. The group whilst fighting Algerian society in general (since its mass Takfir of it in 96) has also been fighting the MIA and other factions. It has gone through a number of amirs the last being Boudiafi who was arrested in 2006. Today the group is almost nonexistent having been eclipsed by the GSPC who distinguished themselves from the GIA by not targeting civilians nor subscribing to the mass Takfir of the GIA.

    Front Islamique du Djihad Arm? was a group involved in the Algerian civil war. The group eventually merged with other groups including the GIA.


    Harakat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami is a paramilitary organisation that operates primarily in Bangladesh and the border regions of India. Closely allied with the Pakistani HUM and HUA active in Kashmir, the idea that they are funded by the Pakistani ISI is not without credit and is closely allied with Bin Laden?s International Islamic Front.

    Hizb-e-Abu Umar is a breakaway group from Harakat-ul-Mujahideen. Arresting members admitted to having no start-up capital and had involved themselves in kidnappings to fund their Jihadi endeavours.

    Jagrata Muslim Janata Bangladesh is a radical group based in the north west of the country. The group is highly critical of the Jaamat-e-Islami which was involved in a coalition with the BNP based government but did resort to helping the police in its search for left-wing extremists in Rajshahi. When the BNP led government was in power the government banned JMJB alleging it had links with Al-Qaeda although Mawlana Rahman denied any such links [13].


    East Turkestan Islamic Movement was headed by the late Hasan Mahsum, who was killed by the Pakistani military in late 2003. China has said that the group is linked to Al-Qaeda although the founder denied such claims ? perhaps this is a way for the Chinese to enlist American help in quelling the rebellion of the Muslims of Uyghur extraction who seek an independent Islamic State in East Turkestan and the Xinjiang region of China. There are allies of the East Turkestan Liberation Organisation.

    East Turkestan Liberation Organisation is a group that seeks to create an independent state in the Uyghur dominated region of Xinjiang. Although it has links to the Taliban and the ETIM its Islamic credentials are not beyond dispute since the Americans did not seek proscribe them in their list of International Terrorist organisations [14].


    Hizb-an-Nusra is a breakaway group from the Zalloumi faction. Akromiya is another group that has also broken ranks with the Zalloumis in central asia and having links with the IMU they have been able to form groups that want to establish Islam through violent uprisings. Akromiya and Hizb-an-Nusra criticised the inability of the Zalloum leadership to overthrown the Uzbek government, and called the creation of a global caliphate unrealistic [15].

    Islamic Jihad Union is a group that splintered from the IMU that shares much of the same ideas and methods.

    Islamic Movement of Central Asia is a front group comprising of various groups in central who wish to overthrow the governments in the region to create a Islamic State. The group is actively involved in Kyrgyzstan, Chechnya, Turkestan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (the IMU) is the Uzbek division of the Islamic Movement of Central Asia.

    Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan the group was created by Namangani and Yuldashev with the express purpose of overthrowing the Uzbek government and creating an Islamic State in its place. The group has its roots in the Adolat movement under both Namangani and Yuldashev which assumed authority and imposed Shariah in Namangan after the fall of the USSR. Karimov initially tolerated them but when they asserted that Shariah should be implemented throughout Uzbekistan Karimov began a crackdown. During the Tajik civil war Namangani took command of Islamic Renaissance party of Tajikistan which believed in democracy and was allied with other democratic parties against the neo-communist forces of Rahmonov. When the IRPT and Rahmonov concluded a power sharing agreement Yuldashev and Namangani formed the IMU. The ISI initially funded the IMU but after the IMU backed the Tajik Shah Masood against the Taliban the funds dried up. In 1991 Namangani was flown by the Russians out of Tajikistan into northern Afghanistan once in Afghanistan the IMU recruited more disaffected Uzbeks and through the opium trade were able to consolidate their position. Eventually the switched sides and began fighting under the leader of the Taliban and fought alongside Bin Laden?s 055 Arab Brigade in the siege of Taloqan. After 9/11 the IMU was pretty much decimated as it chose to fight under the Taliban. Yuldashev died and was conveniently used as the source of Wakil Ahmed Mutawakil?s (Taliban Foreign minister) story he sold to the Americans for the impending attacks of 9/11 to save his own neck.


    Hizb-e-Islami is a group that was involved in the Afghan Jihad, and has been led by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. $600 million of US money landed into the hands of Hekmatyar due to his cordial relationship with the Pakistanis, a relationship that stayed friendly until 94. Although Hekmatyar never won a single battle during the Afghan conflict, he managed to command a sizeable proportion of fighters that was until the gulf war when he sided with Saddam and thus cut off the support of his Saudi and Pakistani backers [16]. Hizb-e-Islami effectively was superseded by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, and many cadres joined forces with them rather then stay under Hekmatyar. Aspersion have been cast upon the status of Hekmatyar many claiming that he was an operative of the CIA who was feeding information about the Taliban until his ?defection? in 2006 saying that he wanted to fight alongside Al-Qaeda and the Taliban [17].


    Sharia Jamaat is a group linked to the Chechen conflict which routinely assassinates local politicians and Russian officials in Dagestan.


    Hizbul Shabaab operates within Somalia and is the militant youth based organisation of the Islamic Courts Union. Training is done primarily in Eritrea and the leader of the group, one Aden Hashi Farah Ayro reportedly sent people to fight the Israelis in Lebanon and returned with members of Hezbollah. The group is seen as being heavily allied to the Eritreans and is sent weapons to fight their fight.

    Popular Resistance Movement in the Land of the Two Migrations is on of the new incarnations of the Islamic Courts Union and has been set up to fight against the Ethiopian and African Union peace keepers in Somalia.


    Eritrean Islamic Jihad it seeks to over throw the Eritrean government of Isais Afwerki with a view of establishing an Islamic State in the horn of Africa. There is tacit support of the organisation from Sudan as it was founded and its General Secretary Sheik Khalil Mohammed Amer is based in Khartoum [18].


    The Great Eastern Islamic Raiders? Front is a Sunni group that committed to the establishment of a federated Sunni state in the middle east (i.e. a Khalifah according to it?s understanding). The group grew out of Erbakan?s National Salvation Party after he was made to step down for violating the constitution of Turkey. There seems to be some collusion with Al-Qaeda since the 2003 as suicide bombing was not the preferred actions of the group however since 2003 and bombing of synagogues and the HSBC banks in Istanbul [19]. Its leader Erdiş has been arrested and many now opine that it cannot effectively function without this leader.

    Hizbullah is a Kurdish/Turkish group which seeks an in independent Islamic state in south-western Turkey ? i.e. Kurdistan. It has regularly clashed with PKK and other Kurdish separatist groups and has received support from the Turkish State as admitted to by Tansu Çiller the former prime minister of Turkey [20].


    Abu Sayyaf (a.k.a. Al-Harakat Al-Islamiyyah) is a Sunni group concentrated in the Mindanao island of south-east Asia. Its activities are usually kidnapping of western tourists and others to exhort governments in its stated goal of establishing an Islamic State in the predominantly Christian Islands of the Philippines. Some analysts have opined that it has links with Al-Qaeda but these links are not tenable, but there maybe some link to Jam?aa Islamiyyah in Indonesia. Libya paid the $20 million ransom in the Sipadan kidnappings of 2000 [21]. The area around the South China Sea is notorious for pirates and this group seem partial in engaging in this, the group is more a group of pirates then anything else and have not formulated a political plan and other then kidnapping and extortion and a bombing campaign against the people of the Philippines it has not changed it?s tactics.

    Moro Islamic Liberation Front is a group based in the Philippines that wants an independent Islamic State there. The Moro National Liberation Front accepted semi-autonomy over the regions which left the MILF without a partner in the region. After the growing threat of Jamaa Islamiya and Abu Sayyaf the group cooperated with the military to release hostages.


    Jamaa Islamiyah is a group active in South-East Asia and grew to prominence after the Bali car bombings. Abu Bakr Bashir was involved in the setting up of the group and preached Jihad but actually did little to engage in it until he met Hambali in the 90s. Hambali was a key link to Al-Qaeda and the group then took on more involved activities. The group wishes to create an Islamic States that encompasses Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia and the Philippines.

    Laskar-e-Jihad is an outfit in Indonesia and was founded by Jafar Umar Thalib who met Bin Laden about whom he said ??knew nothing about true religion??. Thalib makes a distinction between the disbelievers actively fighting Muslims and those that are not (i.e. civilians) he says that latter should be left alone and the former should be fought. After the Bali bombings the group disbanded.


    Aden-Abyan Islamic Army led by Abu Hassan?s had a chequered history. It bombed the USS Cole and reportedly kidnapped many westerners, and when negotiations between it and the Yemeni authorities broke down (the group wanted a foothold in the government) the leader Abu Hassan was executed, since then the group has hardly played a part in the Yemeni political scene.


    Hizballah Al-Hijaz is the Hizballah organisation in Saudi, it also has branches in Kuwait, Bahrain and Lebanon. It is a non-sectarian group and has Shia and Sunni amongst its rank and file. It was responsible for the 96 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi. Although several people have been charged in the bombings it is still not been proven that the organisation actually exists as an independent entity rather then the opportunistic elements generally found in Salafist Jihadi groups that exist in the Kingdom.


    Libyan Islamic Fighting Group is a group composed of ex-Arab fighters in Afghanistan who wished to overthrow Qadhafi and establish an Islamic state in Libya. The groups strongly denies links to Al-Qaeda and states that it has no operational activities outside of Libya. David Shylar the ex-MI6 whistle blower said that the group received funds from MI6 in its efforts to assassinate Qadhafi.


    Moroccan Islamic Fighting Group was the group involved in the Madrid train bombings along with its affiliate outfit Salafiyah Jihadiyah. It wishes to install an Islamic government in Morocco and has been involved in the Casablanca attacks of 2003.


    Takfir Wal-Hijra was established in the 1960s and has a radical departure from the Islamic norms. The group allows the killing of Muslims who oppose it, also the groups members can assume the looks of the disbelievers in order to destroy the society. The group even considered Bin Laden and the Taliban as Kaffir and attempted an assassination of the former. In Sudan a member of Takfir Wal-Hijra opened fire on a group of worshippers in a Mosque. The group practices antinomianism so as to seemingly become part of a society to destroy it (a perfect fifth column).

    As can been seen from above there is no discernable method, with some groups doing the bidding of governments, other groups are involved in sectarian conflicts and others simply acting as a band of robbers and not much else.

    The leading ideologues within Jihadi groups such Abdullah Azzam and Syed Qutb did not advocate mass Takfir of Muslims allied to the Kufr regimes, in fact a brief perusal of Join the Caravan or Milestones reveals an approach which requires use of soldiers and others in a country to instigate a coup ? a type of Nussrah-Centric approach, the change from this type of method to the more familiar Takfiri type as advocated by Zawahiri and others such as the FIS, GIA in Algeria has come about through the inability of the former to yield any results rather then because of any theological impetus of the latter. The case with the pro-Takfiri and pro-Nussrah groups was answered by the assassination of Azzam, who among others to be implicated for the murder included one Ayman Zawahiri as reported by Azzam?s son-in-law, which lead to the pro-Takfiri groups winning the argument by default.

    Had Takfir been the way forward what do we say of people like Issam Al-Qamari who was in the Egyptian Military and who supplied materiel to Egyptian Islamic Jihad? Who was consequently also betrayed by Zawahiri to the Egyptian Intelligence to save his own neck and who testified against the dead man in court?

    Emiratism has found its way into the debate also. The establishment of an emirate was never part of any method as proposed by Qutb and Azzam in fact it was a knee-jerk reaction of the Taliban when they were questioned as to the nature of the state they had ? they replied it was an emirate, basically this is a cop out, since if they had been an Islamic state then they could not justify the anti-Islamic stances they adopted such as keeping diplomatic relations with Kufr states like the Americans, Saudis, Pakistanis, being an Emirate allows the leverage to justify any Kufr by saying that it is on the way towards becoming an Islamic State, and thus still has remnants of Kufr ? how convenient don?t you think? Where in the rules of Jihad does it say that one should establish an emirate? What is the nature of an emirate and how does it differ from an Islamic State? In addition to the application of the rules of Jihad into an area that is not part of it?s remit the establishment of and emirate as a stepping stone to the formation of an Islamic State illustrates to us the very real phenomena of people legislated what Allah has not from their own minds ? something that is a hallmark of various Ikhwani groups for whom pragmatism is more important than following the Shara?. The ad hoc nature of these emirates should be investigated. The Taliban did not define their territory initially as an emirate, in fact the Taliban movement was composed of fighters and students after the withdrawal of Soviet forces ? it may even be said that the relationship with the Americans may have been a less involved one then it had been with the various Mujahideen groups before the rise of the Taliban ? it was a case of mission being accomplished, the Americans had no need to police a civil war. Whichever side (Taliban or Northern Alliance) achieved overall supremacy in Afghanistan the Americans could establish a modus vivendi with them, it is interesting to note that when the Taliban were poised for victory the Americans had established a working relationship with them via the Unocal company and other Texan businesses invested in the Central Asian pipeline deal, which made them falter over what to do to the Taliban after 9/11 they deliberated for many weeks to decide what to do as the Taliban were a growing asset to Corporate America.

    The Emirate of Waziristan was announced (it is a group rather then an actual geopolitical entity) after the Pakistani army had invaded and destroyed much of Waziristan; the designation of emirate was to reach an accord with the Pakistanis which incidentally still recognises the overall suzerainty of the Pakistanis over the tribal areas [22].

    The Islamic State of Iraq was established after the Americans had achieved total superiority over Iraq. It did not exist as an alternative governing structure over the whole of Iraq it did not exist whilst the sectarian tensions were beneath the surface and all sane minded individuals were involved in the fight to expel the invaders from the land ? in fact the statement of Umar Al-Baghdadi announcing the Islamic State of Iraq was in a direct response to many Sunni Sheiks removing support from the groups allied to the extemporaneously labelled Al-Qaeda in Iraq and to the death of it?s leader Zarqawi. One should ask the question as to what situation had changed for the various resistance groups to evolve into this State, surprisingly the answer is not that they had acquired more and more support but the fact that more and more support had been ebbing away from them as they had begun a campaign of sabotage and sectarian conflict and also exhortation from the local people who then took to fighting them.

    Since the death of Shamil Baseyev in the Caucasus Doku Umarov has been facing a split from within the Chechen resistance. When he named Ahmed Zakayev as the foreign minister of this emirate, Zakayev denounced Umarov and went as far as saying that this new emirate was a Russian ploy to remove international support for the Chechens as it now casts the Chechen resistance not in nationalistic terms but in terms of an ongoing Islamic threat as viewed from Moscow, it thus gives Russia carte blanche to continue to prosecute this war with total impunity and beat the Americans at their own game.

    These are desperate actions which betray to us the alarmingly fickle nature of Jihadi groups who once supported democracy and also Military coups and now follow a kill-everyone-and-whoever-is-left-over-will-rule mentality.

    On those who have arrogated themselves to call themselves Amir Al-Mumineen, the term was first used by Umar bin Al-Khattab (radi allahu ?anhu) and has been known since that time to mean the single leader of the Muslims ? it is something synonymous with the Khalif. Today we are told that there are no less then three separate Amir Al-Mumineen including Mullah Umar of the Taliban, Umar Al-Baghdadi of Iraq and (recently) Doku Umarov of Chechnya (also of course King Mohammed VI of Morocco who also uses the term). This has led to the complete misunderstanding of the office. The title is not only the problem, since they also seem to have adopted the robes of the office without first establishing the office ? the idea of establishing a group to fight and expel invaders is fine and proper what is not fine and proper is when these groups deviate from this idea. Announcing truces with the enemies of Islam does not lie within the remit of said groups. One who follows such groups must have met with incredulity the announcement of the long-term Hudna as advocated by Hamas with regards to the Israelis (which is tantamount to accepting Israel?s existence ? another betrayal of the Ummah?s trust) or when Bin Laden announced a proposed a peace with the Europeans in exchange to fighting the Americans alone. Are these groups allowed to do this?

    Hamas is an excellent case study. It has been reported by many sources that Hamas was created by the Israelis to split the support of the Palestinians. One must remember the historical context when this occurred; Islamic groups were being supported by the west as a pro-nationalistic bulwark against the Soviet empire as exemplified by the Afghan Trap (cf. Brezhinski et al.) Israel may have used this paradigm for its own benefit albeit on a smaller scale. Hamas continued to be relied upon to stall talks and instigate actions which played very well into the hands of the Israelis. Fatah slowly lost support and being in exile did not help the matter any further, the West Bank was Fatah territory and the Gaza strip was Hamas territory. Of course such a thing would be impossible today since the Americans have declared a total war upon Islam and all followers of it, Hamas has slowly tried to reform itself because of the current international climate. Why is Hamas involving itself in Kufr politics if it is a group that was established to fight? Collaboration with the Jews may not be so apparent since they have no direct talks with each other but on the ground there is cooperation such as the cooperation in Haifa and other areas where Hamas technocrats regularly liaise with their Israeli counterparts. This is the avenue for all groups committed to armed struggle in the Middle-East conflict which has been highlighted in the Road Map and the Saudi initiative. This will definitely be the case with groups elsewhere as well (Iraq and Afghanistan) who will give up the armed struggle and opt for a political and resolution based settlement as per their ethnic and sectarian affiliations or fade from history as others have done so.

    When the Prophet (sal allahu ?aleihi wa salem) died there was a suspension of many rules to the point were many of the commands of the Prophet (sal allahu ?aleihi wa salem) were countermanded to elect the Khalif. The army of Usama was halted and called back even though Muhammed (sal allahu ?aleihi wa salem) is reported to have said ?Allah?s curse be upon those who halt the army of Usama? and his body was not buried for 3 days and 2 nights when the Prophet (sal allahu ?aleihi wa salem) is reported to have said ?The best thing one can do for the dead is to bury them quickly?. The body of the greatest creature in Allah?s creation was not buried because another command took precedence, namely the appointment of his successor ? in order so that all the commands of Islam can be fulfilled included those of Jihad. Rasulallah (sal allahu 'aleihi wa salem) is reported to have said ?Nobody has the right to establish anything from the Hudud without the Sultan [23] Muslim bin Yasar reports that the Prophet (sal allahu 'aleihi wa salem) said ?The Zakah, the Hudood the spoils and the friday prayers are for the Sultan? [24].

    After the abolition of the state in 1924 many scholars questioned whether one could have Jummah prayers without a Khalif, as for the Friday prayer to be valid the Khutba must be read out in the name of the Khalif and his representative must be there ? scholarly opinion has opted for the permissibility that one can prayer the Friday prayer without the need of the Khalif?s representative nor his name being read out in the Khutba. During the time of Uthman bin Affan (radi allahu ?anhu), in the province of Egypt upon hearing of the arrival of the Zakah collector a man decided to collect the Zakah beforehand to make it easy for the Zakah collector. When the Zakah collector arrived and heard of this he had the man flogged because he was doing something that was not his responsibility.

    The argument that one can establish all the rules of Islam without the need of a state makes no sense for if it were true then what purpose does a state serve? Why fight to establish the state if the state does not serve any purpose in implementing the Shara? itself? If the rules of Islam can all be implemented without there being a need for the state in this regard then why fight to create one in the first place?

    This romanticising of Jihad by blind sycophants is what has allowed for these groups to remain as they are, because there is always excuses waiting in the wings for these groups ? Hamas is still supported by many because they have explained away their actions because of the suffering of the Palestinian people (ironic since I thought fighting was the primary purpose of Jihad, when did suffering enter the equation?). For those who find themselves in areas of activity of these groups are only too well aware that bombing seems to be the main punishment for a whole host of crimes, whether it is prostitution or alcohol consumption the punishment for these seems to be to blow them up ? even though lashing is the only punishment that is mentioned in the Shara?. The manner by which the conclusion of punishment is arrived at is absent of the court and pronouncement of sentence, it is decided by the same people who accuse and carry out the punishment. Those who say that these people are doing something or that they are doing the best they can, should know that this is the primary reason why this will continue because there are people who excuse those doing something physical and accuse those who are doing nothing physical. To put the point in a cruder manner, 60 years of resistance groups has not liberated Palestine or any other territories held by the Israelis, action by Al-Qaeda has led to the downfall of the Taliban in Afghanistan (which for them was the only Islamic State/Emirate in recent memory) and the occupation of Iraq by American forces. What do we have to show for it? Crumbling fiefdoms in Iraq, the Caucasus and Waziristan. The GIA in Algeria also had a ?Khalifah? (Gousmi) where is it now?

    Wa Salam Allah ?Aliek.


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    Default RE: The Jihadi Method

    Abu Musa - you are kindly requested to stop diverting threads off topic!

    Take this as a warning. Any future non-related posts on any thread will be deleted.

    On this occasion, I will open a new thread for you and move the posts


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    Default RE: The Jihadi Method


    I do not see exactly what the issue is.

    I responded directly to certain statements in the above post. So how can it be off topic???

    Second Paragraph (after "Jihadi Method"):
    he did not say that the rules of Jihad can be used to establish Allah?s authority on this earth, in fact it is a slander upon him and his companions implying we know more the they did. The argument in favour for using the rules of Jihad to bring about a change follows a warped reasoning since one could easily assert that the rules of Hajj were not completed till after the establishment of the state and hence one could use this as a means to establish the state or the rules of Salat or the issues surrounding morals etc,

    So what is wrong in asking if the manner of establishing the State has been explained by the Prophet(saw) like Salah and Hajj. Since the post itself is making a link, and saying Jihad was not mentioned by the Prophet(saw) when it came to the issue of authority.

    I am rightly asking if any of HTs' method was mentioned like this either?!

    And since Salah and Hajj are explicitly revelead ahkam, why can't I ask when the Hukm for the Islamic State was revealed??

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    Default RE: The Jihadi Method

    Just as you can clearly comprehend that there are "explicitly revealed ahkam" then you can also comprehend that Jihad is also an explicitly revealed ahkam. Explicitly revealed as a method for the Khilafah to spread Islam from outside it's terrortories. Explicitly revealead as the third phase of the dawa.
    And clearly not explicitly revealed as a method to re-establish the Islamic state.
    And if you beleive that Jihad is the method to establish the state can you kindly provide me with the evidences as explicitly revealed in the wahy.

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    The article at the start is well researched and establish?s some important facts in relation to the Jihadi ?Method? by illustrating that:

    1. Jihad to establish the State has evolved by various groups as a reaction to their failure in other pragmatic approaches such as participating in democratic process ? many of them having a dubious history to say the least.

    2. The list of Jihadi groups and their history speaks volume of a non-ideological reactionary approach in addition to their dubious past.

    3. Those seen as the founding fathers of the Jihadism such as Qutb and Azzam did not link Jihad to the method for the establishment of the Islamic State.

    4. There has been NO ijtihad to arrive on Jihad being a Method where a Mujtahid first established the reality, went back to the evidences and then deduced the shariah rule from them to be applied to the reality. No wonder then they try to justify their ?method? in reverse logical order as it was not built on the evidences to begin with but rather the position was arrived at first and then evidences were sought to fit their position.

    5. The concept of ?emirate? also having been a cop-out reaction first invented by the Taliban to justify their non-Islamic stances were also then attempted to be justified by its supporters under the most appalling logic such as those witnessed on this forum.

    It is well worth reading the article in full ? it would help to explain why any evidence presented by Jihadis to justify their stance is always out of context and working in reverse order outside any juristic framework.

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    Firstly the thread starts with blowing HT's trumpet, then tries to unsucessfully have dig at what it calls the 'Jihadi Method'.

    When valid questions were put to deal with issues brought up in the article, the HT-biased admin, mashed up the thread, and cut out my on-the-topic questioning of the article... on the pretext that it was off-topic!

    The article rather stupidly makes up a mumbo-jumbo list of organistaions which is tantamount to throwing Hizb ut-Tahrir in and amongst this lot...

    (Egyptian)Ikhwanees, Labor Party, (Turkish) Refah Party, Fazilat Party, AKP Party, (British) Islamic Party of Great Britain, Islam Zindabad Platform, Young Muslim UK, Islamic Foundation, (Pakistan) Jamaat-e-Islami, Tanzeem ul-Islam, Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Azmat-e-Islam Bedar, (Saudi) CDLR, MIRA, (Palestine) Fatah, HAMAS[Political-Wing], (Lebanon) Hezbollah[Political-Wing], (Syria) Ba'ath Party, (Iraq) Islamic Kurdish League, Hizb-al-Dawah, Hizb al-Islami-al-Iraqi,(Indonesia) PKS, (Malaysia) PAS, (Kuwait)Al-Haraka Al-Dostooriya Al-Islamiya, (Algeria) Harakat al-Nahda al-Islamiyya... etc etc..

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    Having a moan at admin is not a subsitute either for not being able to refute the excellent article above.

    PS From what I saw, admin moved your topic to another thread allowing you to continue your rhetoric, understandably as you have a habit of changing the topic of many threads, not "cutting it out" so at least be honest.

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    Your level of argument seems to have diminished. Has Blood_Thirsty been giving you halaqah again!?

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    Your level of argument seems to have diminished. Has Blood_Thirsty been giving you halaqah again!?





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    Listen Thirsty, I've answered plenty of questions. You just don't like the answers.

    I'm still waiting for the answer to where and when the Hukm for the Islamic State/Authority was revealed.

    All you have to do is provide the text and the year of revelation (Clue: Its' between 1 & 13). Its as simple as that the Text[with Reference in brackets] & up to two digits for the year.

    Now you could fit that in a post the size of this one.

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