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Thread: Ramadan / Moonsighting Debate

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    Deleted - OFF TOPIC.

    Please discuss the actual topic otherwise the thread will get diverted. There are plenty of other threads related to the topic you wish to discuss, please search the forum.


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    So was the moon witnessed by any one other than the unislamic government of Saudi Arabia? The government which judging from another thread is kufr.

    Which raises the question that if Saudi government says that they've seen the moon do we go by the hadith and accept it, or do we consider their word as invalid as they are cosnidered kaafir?

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    Salaam Islaam,

    We go by announcement of a sighting by a Muslim. Hence this Ramadhan we started one day earlier than Saudi govt announcement as the moon was sighted in Zarqa, Jordan (please read all of this thread from start). We completed 30 days and the day of eid was today, as well as many confirmed sightings across the gulf, which is why Saudis had no choice but to shift their day of eid from the pre-calculated Saudi Umm al Qura calendar.

    Saudi govt announcement is irrelevant and yes it is a goverment based on kufr. Please read this entire thread for the correct method of starting month of Ramadhan, Shawaal or any Islamic month.

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    whether the government announced it or not there were muslims not linked to the government who sighted the moon....like al muwahhid said... READ THE ENTIRE POST...!!!!

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